Tips For Choosing The Style And Colors Of Your Wedding Invitation


When planning your big day, you should know that your wedding invitations are not supposed to only inform your guests of the time, date, and place of the ceremony. In addition to that, they are also supposed to set the tone of the entire wedding ceremony, given how they are the first things people will see.

Every single aspect of the invitation, from the design and wording, color, and typeface, to the texture and the weight of the paper will shape how your ceremony will be perceived. For example, if you are planning a small, casual beach ceremony, your invitation’s design should convey that.

Before you start working with a quality wedding invitations UK company, who will make the invitations, here are some of the things you should know.


The style of the invitation

For starters, know that your invitation should exhibit something about the style and personalities of both you and your partner, while also portraying something about the wedding’s theme too.dggdfgdfgdfgdfg

The type of wedding

Is your wedding going to be relaxed, formal, funky, chic, or a romantic affair? If you opt for a more traditional style wedding, you should opt for elegant ivory or white invitations, along with gray or black print. If you want something more informal and exciting, try to incorporate as many colors as possible and some unusual designs.

Civil or church

Next up, your wedding venue should also influence the design of your invitation. This is especially important if you are considering a rather unusual location, such as a hotel, garden, or waterfront.


Many of us consider the everyday impact our actions have on the environment. If you and your partner are such persons, you should show that in your wedding ceremony and invitations. For that matter, you should go with recycled paper, organic details, and so on.

Consider the season

Keep in mind that the time of the year will also play an important part when planning your wedding and design your invitations. For a springtime wedding, go with yellows, fresh greens, or shades of orange. For a winter wedding, you should opt for icy blue colors.vfdgdfgdfgfdgdfgdfg

The colors

After you are done with the design of the invitation, consider its colors too. You should probably try to incorporate a motif and your hues, and then carry them throughout the entirety of the wedding paper (including ceremony programs, menus, escort cards and such). For a more formal affair, your invitation should feature gold or black fonts on a white, cream or ivory paper.

Furthermore, you can also brighten these by incorporating metallic or colorful fonts, liners, envelopes, and paper stock. In the end, regardless of the colors you opt for, make sure to keep the readability of the invitation in mind.

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