Key Pieces Of Equipment Every Paintball Deal Should Include



When it comes to making a great paintball party, a good paintball rental package will usually make a difference between a success and a bust. If you are a new player, you will have enough of a challenge learning the basics of this game, without having to worry whether the gear will be appropriate and whether you will know how to use it.

In this article, we will try to show you how to differentiate good Paintball Deals from the bad ones, by checking out the rental equipment packages and amenities they offer.

The basics

22nvnlkkljWhen looking for the best deals, know that every single one should offer some basic items and equipment pieces within one comprehensive package. These items include a paintball mask, a paintball marker, and an air tank.

The Masks

The mask is perhaps the most important piece of paintball rental equipment. It will protect your face and eyes from paintball impacts and prevent any injuries. Given how paintballs can travel at speeds that exceed 200 mph, they are known to cause some series injuries

A good mask will protect your ears, jawline, forehead, and, of course, the eyes. Keep in mind that it should sit close to your face and have a durable seal between your eyes and the mask. The mask’s goggle strap needs to be in mint condition and should be easy to secure to the user’s face. Additionally, a good mask should also feature a chin strap as well. This small feature will keep the mask firmly on your face and prevent it from coming off, regardless of the situation. It is also worth noting that there are two types of lenses available; thermal and anti-fog lenses. These will provide enhanced visibility during adverse weather conditions, especially during humid days.

The markers

When it comes to the markers, you should know that there are three main categories

  • Semi-automatic
  • Pump action
  • Electronic

The majority of paintball packages and deals will include either a semi-automatic or a pump-action marker. If you are a novice player, you should look for those that contain electronic ones.

Semi-automatic markers

These automatically load the paintballs between shots and reset the marker. All you have to do is pull the trigger to use the paintball gun.

Pump – action markers

With this marker, you will have to cycle a pump handle after each shot. The handle will re-cock the marker and load a new paintball. If you are a new player, you may experience difficulties learning these steps.

Electronic markers

These typically use a solenoid and a circuit board, instead of a mechanical linkage. As a result, they offer a much higher rate of fire, are lighter, and easier to aim.

Air tank

33lklkbjflkjhlkAn air tank serves as an energy source for all kinds of paintball markers. It comes filled with compressed gas which is used to propel the balls. Your rental package of choice should include an air tank, just like the previously mentioned items.

An air tank can use two different gases – nitrogen (compressed air) and CO2. Even though the majority of courses use tanks with nitrogen, there are still those that use CO2. The main reason behind this lies in the fact that nitrogen is easier to refill and use, as well as more efficient at providing more consistent ball velocity.